National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark Documentation

PAST has prepared nearly all of the archaeological site nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for Connecticut and has documented a large portion of the state's National Register-listed buildings, structures, districts, and other resources. Our nominations have been used by the National Park Service in instructional seminars, and are known for their quality and thoroughness. We have an established reputation for tackling difficult properties with success, such as a 20th-century commercial building complex, rural historic landscapes, and vestigial road segments. PAST principals are currently co-editing and writing a book on National Register-listed properties in Connecticut.

Mount Riga IronworksMount Riga Ironworking furnace
Salisbury, Connecticut

Northwestern Connecticut was once the center of a thriving iron-production industry. Few furnaces remain today. The Mount Riga Ironworks Site includes the oldest remaining blast furnace in Connecticut, built between 1806 and 1810, a charcoal manufactory from the mid-1700s, and an 18th-century bloomery forge. This site offers important information on the development of iron-making technology and the rise and fall of an important industry in Connecticut. PAST prepared the National Register nomination for this site for the Connecticut Historical Commission.

Terryville waterwheel

Terryville Waterwheel
Plymouth, Connecticut

The Terryville Waterwheel is a composite iron and wooden industrial prime mover dating from about 1851. It has significance as an object that evokes Connecticut's early years of industrialization, as a rare survivor of a once-common type of construction, and as an artifact that preserves important information for the history of technology. PAST prepared the nomination in 2001 for the Town of Plymouth Planning Department.

Image of the Avery Point Lighthouse, Groton, CT

Avery Point Lighthouse
Groton, Connecticut

A local preservation group, the Avery Point Lighthouse Society, hired PAST to prepare a National Register nomination for this concrete-block lighthouse, which was completed in 1943 as part of the U.S. Coast Guard's principal technical training center. The lighthouse played a role as a local navigational landmark for nearly 40 years before being discontinued, and it remains a reminder of one of the state's most important World War II-related facilities. The local sponsors hope that National Register recognition will help the efforts to restore and eventually re-light the structure.

Grove Street Cemetery Entrance

Grove Street Cemetery
New Haven, Connecticut

Working on behalf of the cemetery association, PAST prepared a National Historic Landmark study for this 1797 burying ground, notable for the artistic qualities of its numerous markers, its landscape design, and its Henry Austin-designed Egyptian Revival entrance gates. Earlier, PAST historian Bruce Clouette had prepared the National Register documentation for this site. The cemetery is one of three National Historic Landmarks studies PAST has completed for Connecticut.

The foyer of the Landis Gores House, New Canaan, CT

Landis Gores House
New Canaan, Connecticut

Landis Gores (1919-1991) was one of a distinguished group of Harvard-educated architects that brought modernist architecture to American homebuilding in the 1940s and 1950s. With its flat-roofed single-story form, full-height glass walls, and emphasis on horizontal planes, the house he designed for himself in New Canaan is an outstanding example of the type.

French Army-Related Sites and Structures

As part of our archaeological and historical documentation of the march route and encampment sites associated with the French army's crossing of Connecticut, we prepared National Register nomination documentation for several remnants of 18th-century roads. Both rural historic landscapes and archaeological resources, the vestigial segments were part of a multiple property nomination which also includes campsites and standing structures.

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