Archaeological Reconnaissance Surveys

Because every property is unique in terms of its physical makeup and archaeological sensitivity, each reconnaissance survey is designed to fit the property for which it is required. Reconnaissance survey is the cornerstone of archaeological survey - the means of finding sites in the first place - thus it is essential that we are thorough in our research design. Our client base is comprised of those desiring meticulous work.

Town-Wide Surveys

When PAST first began its Connecticut town-wide survey series in the late 1970s, conventional wisdom held that prehistoric occupation was limited to the coast and major rivers. Our surveys demonstrated that the pre-European settlement and subsistence systems were far more complicated, and that populations made extensive use of the interior and highland areas. Patterns were established between certain environmental factors such as soil type and distance to water and site types through periods of time. The data are still valid today, and we continue to refine the models as new information becomes available.

A detailed view of other services we offer:

   Intensive Archaeological and Historical Studies

   Data Recovery / Excavation Projects


   Impact Assessment and Mitigation Strategies

   Laboratory Services and Artifact Conservation

   National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark Documentation

   State- and Federal-Level Historic Documentation

   Public Outreach Programs

   Educational Outreach and Curriculum Development

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