Educational Outreach and Curriculum Development

PAST is currently partnering with local schools, museums, and other nonprofit organizations to develop curricula and workshops that will cultivate an interest and appreciation for history and the humanities in Connecticut’s students. PAST employees have recently visited a fifth-grade classroom in East Hampton, Connecticut, and have facilitated an Enrichment Cluster at Southeast Elementary School in Mansfield, Connecticut. At both schools an interactive workshop on the lifeways of Northeastern Native Americans was presented. The students were intrigued by our stone toolmaking demonstration, the chance to pound native corn with a mortar and pestle, the chance to make Native pottery, tasting traditional foods like parched corn, maple sugar, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, and parched wild rice, and the ability to view our extensive collection of Native American artifacts. At the Southeast School the children in our cluster excavated our Archaeology Dig Box. The dig box is meant to simulate an archaeological dig in Connecticut, children work in teams to learn the facets of an archaeological dig in a responsible manner. Curricula and workshops in development include the lifeways of Woodland Indians, foodways in Colonial New England, and the history of Connecticut’s railroads, and we are in the planning stages of producing a module on the Revolutionary War. However, we are not limited to developing workshops or curriculum on these topics-there is so much more that PAST can do! Please feel free to contact our Public Education Coordinator, Brian Jones, with questions, comments, or requests.

Southeast School Photographs

A detailed view of other services we offer:

   Archaeological Reconnaissance Surveys

   Intensive Archaeological and Historical Studies

   Data Recovery and Excavation Projects


   Impact Assessment Mitigation Strategies

   National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark Documentation

   Specialized Lab Services and Artifact Conservation

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