State- and Federal-Level Historic Documentation

PAST is well known for its documentation of a wide variety of buildings and structures. We perform state-level documentations of buildings, bridges and other structures, and also prepare Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) and Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) documentation of diverse resources. HABS documentations prepared by PAST personnel include a turn-of-the-century public school, mill tenements, a convent, a rectory, and several houses of various periods. Dozens of HAER documentations have been completed for bridges and other engineering structures in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts. The National Park Service has used our HABS and HAER recordations as institutional examples.

Blakeslee House (HABS CT-439)
Wallingford, Connecticut

Blakesless HomeThis simple 18th-century center-chimney farmhouse was recorded to the standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) by PAST in 1992 at the request of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, which was reconstructing a nearby highway interchange. In addition to black-and-white photographs by CONNDOT photographer Rob Moore, the package included floor plans, historical photographs, and the detailed Outline Format written documentation.

Shetucket River Deck-Truss Bridge (HAER CT-184)
Bridge No. 1415
Norwich-Lisbon, Connecticut

Bridge Number 1415, Norwich-Lisbon, ConnecticutAs part of a Memorandum of Agreement with the Connecticut Historical Commission and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the Connecticut Department of Transportation asked PAST to record this bridge to the standards of the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER). In addition to black and white photographs by CONNDOT photographer Rob Moore, the documentation package includes extensive descriptive and historical information regarding the bridge type and the circumstances of its construction. It was one of the largest of the numerous bridges built to replace those destroyed in the disastrous Hurricane of 1938. The HAER report documents the appearance of the bridge prior to work that required upgrading the railings to current safety standards.

Greens Farms Railroad Bridge
Westport, Connecticut

Prior to construction work on the passenger platform at the Green Farms railroad station in Westport, the Connecticut Department of Transportation asked PAST to prepare state-level historical and photographic documentation of a stone-arch bridge that carries a brook under the tracks. The bridge, part of the original construction of the New York to New Haven Shoreline Route, is one of the few remaining structures of that period along Connecticut's busiest rail line.

Spring Street Roundhouse Site
New Haven, Connecticut

Artist's sketch of the Spring Street Roundhouse, 1879The New York and New Haven Railroad constructed an extensive shop complex in 1868-1870 that included a 360-degree roundhouse for the storage and repair of locomotives. The roundhouse was reduced in size ca. 1900 and completely demolished in the 1930s. PAST's monitoring and documentation of the site included exposure and recording of the roundhouse turntable pit and repair bays from three different periods, as well as photodocumentation of architectural items (such as stone pintle blocks) recovered from the fill.

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